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Work Avenida


Work Avenida Liberdade is a new co-work space, office and virtual office with multiple plans to meet your needs. Combining the modern decor with the classic architecture of the building, this is the place to work in the city business center. We have co-work and meeting rooms, business lounge, terrace and pantry, all fully equipped, and a range of services at your disposal.


Work Avenida


An innovative and vibrant coworking space in the heart of Lisbon. We offer flexible workspace options, from private offices to shared desks, to suit your individual needs. Enjoy a welcoming and collaborative environment, where you can work in comfort, network and participate in professional events. Join us at Work Avenida Estrela and experience the best of coworking in Lisbon!

Workspace and excellency entrepreneurial community

Our members are Lisbon lovers, patrimony defenders and people who privilege  excellency but are also connected to the most innovative worldwide trends and networks. 

Work Avenida selects its residents in order to ensure an entrepreneur and creative atmosphere. 

Join our community and develop your projects in an environment full of good energy.

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